Food tripping in Bacolod

Famous for the smiles, the sugarcane, and of couse Bacolod Inasal.  Foodtrip and a shot of The Ruins. These were my two goals for this trip.

My travel buddies on this trip were actually my sister and her close friends – Vera and Chat. Mind you I’m not that friendly but I did have a great time with them.


Arriving at the airport, I knew right away that this is not going be a  “Oh no! Mangingitim Ako” trip. The rain was starting to pour.  We hailed a taxi outside the airport to get us to our hotel – Sugarland. The hotel was nice actually. Just a little away from downtown.  We ordered snacks and waited for Chat to arrive since she took a different flight going to Bacolod.


It was already night time by the time Chat arrives.  The rain was pouring outside so we just decided to have dinner and visit The Ruins the next day.

We headed to Manukan Country to have dinner…bacolod inasal o fcourse .  Cheap and very delicious inasal indeed.


After our scrumptious meal, we went to Calea for dessert. This is like cake heaven! There’s so many cakes! Cakes were served in big servings. A slice cost around 85-100.


Goal number 1 done!

The next day, we hired a taxi for a day to get us to Mambukal Mountain Resort, The Ruins and back to Bacolod downtown . The driver charged us around 2000 I think. He charged us extra for The Ruins. Really a bumper! Anyway, there was like an hour or so of travel going to the resort.  The resort offers a lot of activities to choose from. We first went to see the falls.


After the seeing the falls we went back down and we took our lunch at the nearby stalls. Chicken Inasal again!

Since we didn’t have the time to try every activity the resort has to offer, we opted to just take a dip on their hot spring pool. It was “an ok” hot. Comparing this to Laguna’s hot spring, Laguna won hands down. Of course, the hottest hot spring I’ve been to was in Coron.  After taking a dip, we took some time deciding whether to buy some flower buds from the nearby garden shops. In the end, we did buy some for our sister.


After Mambukal, we headed straight to The Ruins. I knew for a fact that this building is gorgeous during sunsets and at night. So I definitely need to take a shot of this building at night since sunset is out of the was still cloudy outside. While eating our merienda, we were entertained by the resident tourist guide/caretaker – Kuya Mar Lacson.  We had a blast listening to the history of the place. Also found out from him that most of the museums and heritage houses in Silay were closed on Monday. Great! So we don’t have anything to do on Monday. Anyway, Kuya is by far on my number 1 list of tourist guide. Plus he takes amazing shots! Tourist guide na. Photographer pa!


After lots of mosquito bites, finally got this shot. Goal number 2 done!

484049_441322612568436_1558461698_n (1)


1. For pasalubong, don’t forget Napoleones! Yes! This is where you can find Napoleones…not in Iloilo or Dumaguete but in Bacolod!
2. Silay ancestral houses and museums are closed on Monday.
3. Get Kuya Mar to tell you about the history of the Ruins. You’ll learn a lot.


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